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National Rigging Advisory Group

NRAGThe National Rigging Advisory Group (NRAG) was originally formed to develop the National Rigging Certificate. With the successful development and implementation of the NRC, the group has expanded its focus:


The National Rigging Advisory Group will be a representative body for the entertainment rigging industry in the UK.


  • NRAG will seek to represent the interests of the rigging community in the UK on national committees and industry groups

  • NRAG will promote best practice and adherence to technical and safety standards and act as the source of information on rigging to the entertainment industry.

  • NRAG will promote the highest standards of education and training for the rigging community

  • NRAG will recognise the diverse nature of the entertainment rigging industry and address the needs of different sectors.

  • NRAG will act as the advisory body for the PLASA National Rigging Certificate.

In order to address rigging across multiple sectors, the group also expanded its membership to include representation from an array of organisations and individuals involved in rigging as well as leading health and safety experts.

The NRAG has also formed committees to specifically address each of the areas outlined in the Mission Statement.

The NRAG will make relevant Rigging Information and Guidance documents available on this site.

For general information about the NRAG, please contact