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PLASA National Rigging Certificate (NRC)

First launched in 2007, the National Rigging Certificate (NRC) is a qualification designed to give riggers recognition for their skills, knowledge and expertise, and a means of demonstrating that they've attained a professional standard within their chosen rigging discipline.

On gaining the award, individuals are issued with a certificate and their own official PLASA ID Skills Card. You can find more detailed information on the development of the scheme, together with an insight into what will be required of those who take the Certification, by using the links provided.


It became apparent to a number of individuals in the entertainment and event rigging industry that there was a need to develop a way of measuring competence in rigging. These individuals approached PLASA to act as a neutral body and to administer the scheme, and together they formed the National Rigging Advisory Group.

One of the first activities the group undertook was to define rigging and the role of a rigger in their sector:


  • The installation, removal, or other activity using lifting, or suspension equipment, or accessories used in tension for lifting or supporting display, production, performance, or event technical requirements.


  • A competent person employed to carry out rigging.

The NRAG then set about informing the content of a set of standards that outlined the minimum core requirements of someone working as a rigger. These standards were later adopted by the Sector Skills Council and became National Occupational Standards. The National Rigging Certificate (NRC) and ID Skills Card were created from these standards.

What is the NRC?

  • The NRC is the only qualification that assesses the competence of riggers carrying out rigging as defined within the entertainment and events industry. It is not a training scheme.

  • The NRC uses standards set by the rigging industry to measure the competency of an individual.

  • On achievement of the assessment, the individual attains a certificate and an industry ID Skills Card that states the level and qualification achieved.

  • The NRC provides a recognised route for employers and venues to know an individual is competent to rig through the mechanism of the Industry ID Skills Card.

  • The NRC works to recognised Government qualification frameworks.

  • The NRC only uses assessors who are both subject experts and qualified to be an assessor to the national required standards.

  • The NRC assesses the competency of an individual's skill and knowledge of health & safety, communication, risk and supervision, as well as rigging techniques and working at height.

  • The NRC measures the minimum core requirements of someone working at a particular level and role.