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PLASA National Rigging Certificate (NRC)

First launched in 2007, the National Rigging Certificate (NRC) is a qualification designed to give riggers recognition for their skills, knowledge and expertise, and a means of demonstrating that they've attained a professional standard within their chosen rigging discipline. It provides employers and venue operators with a benchmark to use in hiring that is an appropriate, entertainment industry created qualification rather than something borrowed from another sector.

We have created a scheme that assesses (not trains) riggers using recognised assessment methods. NRC candidates have work experience rather than JUST being assessed at the end of a short course. The NRC measures the minimum core requirements for someone working at Level 2 or 3 as specified by UK National Occupational Standards.

Assessment of a candidate is individual and comprises sampling work experience, practical tests to check skill, and written and oral questions to test knowledge. The NRC only uses assessors who are both subject experts and qualified to be an assessor to the national required standards. On gaining the award, individuals are issued with a certificate an NRC ID card.

The National Rigging Certificate scheme assumes the following conditions:

  • Work is being carried out in accordance with UK legislation.
  • Competent riggers are working under competent supervision.
  • The loads to be lifted or supported are known to the supervising rigger.
  • The supporting structure for the rigging has been approved by a competent person.

The NRC does not assess or qualify riggers in the following areas:

  • Specification or design of rigging equipment
  • Ground support systems
  • Personnel flying or automation
  • Theatre flying and rigging
  • Structural design or engineering
  • Rope access methods or application
  • Rescue methods or planning
  • Scheduling or selecting rigging personnel
  • Transport, logistics or the management of loading or unloading of vehicles



  • For the purposes of the NRC, rigging is defined as the installation, removal, or other activity using lifting, or suspension equipment, or accessories used in tension for lifting or supporting display, production, performance, or event technical requirements.


  • A competent person employed to carry out rigging.

Direct Supervision

  • A supervisor being present at all times throughout work activity.

NRC Skills and Knowledge Requirements

Trainee Rigger (new entrant) - works under direct supervision

Level 2 - may work without direct supervision

Level 3 - supervises riggers
Level 3 candidates must previously have achieved Level 2

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