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Press Office


5 October 2005

PLASA Launches Manufacturers Forum

UK - The 6,000 jobs recently lost at the UK-based MG Rover Group are symptomatic of a wider trend across Europe that has seen manufacturing production decrease. Britain alone has shed a million manufacturing jobs in the last 10 years - a reflection of the general economic shift from manufacturing to service industries.

Part of the reason for this decline is that manufacturers worldwide are dealing with numerous issues - increasingly prescriptive legislation, customer migration to Asia and the challenges of building a successful infrastructure to sustain and improve manufacturing.

In recognition of these issues, PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association) has established a Manufacturers Forum to allow the organization to better understand the issues faced by its members. An initial meeting will take place in central London on Tuesday 2 August and all 250 manufacturing members have been invited to attend.

The future plan is to create an active network of PLASA manufacturers to advance this sector's manufacturing industries. The regular meetings will be backed by an online discussion forum so that all PLASA members worldwide have an opportunity to be part of the ongoing dialogue.

The development comes on the back of several major initiatives being developed by PLASA. The Association recently announced the launch of a new National Rigging Award, designed to give riggers across all sectors of the industry a recognized framework by which their knowledge and expertise can be measured. Following an initial pilot, the Association plans to introduce the scheme next year and anticipates that by spring 2008 most individuals in the rigging industry will be either working towards the certificate or will have already achieved it.

Notes to Editors:

PLASA is the lead professional body for businesses that supply technologies and services to the event, entertainment and installation industries. Operating from offices in Europe and North America, the Association provides business support services to its growing worldwide membership, writes industry standards, leads the development of qualifications and focuses on improving the business practices adopted by the industry. With over 1100 members worldwide, it represents one of the largest member networks in the industry.

PLASA also runs successful media and events divisions and is responsible for the industry-leading magazines Lighting&Sound International, Lighting&Sound America and Protocol and the PLASA Show in London, together with the European and North American regional PLASA Focus events.