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21 June 2013

Professional Development Program for PLASA Focus: Austin 2013 Unveiled

NEW YORK, NY - Free registration is now open for the PLASA Focus: Austin 2013 Professional Development Program, a two-day program of free educational seminars and workshops, running alongside PLASA Focus: Austin, at the Palmer Events Center, Texas on September 10-11, 2013.

Still in the early stages of development, the program already includes talks from some of the industry’s leading talents who will discuss the latest trends, technologies and techniques, and is a unique opportunity for visitors to further develop their industry knowledge and take part in the discussions.

Lighting Designer and Programmer Eric Wade will present Designing AND Programming - Life is Good. Currently working as Usher’s Lighting Designer, something he describes as “kinda a full-time gig”, Wade has developed his skills over three decades and has become the favorite programmer and lighting director of many of those working in the industry. In this talk Wade will share stories and tips on working with both people and equipment.

In Color Rendering Metrics For Solid State Lighting. Is There A Pinch Of Salt Large Enough? industry consultant Mike Wood will discuss the challenges surrounding color rendering measurement of solid state light sources - such as SSL sources rendering differently on camera than they do to the human eye - and the proposed solutions. The discussion will include the brand new TLCI metric for television and video cameras as well as proposals for the human eye and digital movie cameras.

High-resolution pixel mapping represents the latest advancement in video technology for live shows and installations. In a session entitled Advanced Mapping Techniques with Hippotizer Media ServersTim Nauss will explore VideoMapper, PixelMapper, UberPan and other industry-leading features of Hippotizer. Nauss, a Product Specialist and Trainer for TMB, studied Design and Technical Theatre at Christopher Newport University in Virginia and has extensive design experience in theatre and concert productions.

In Remote Device Management (RDM) for the Busy Technician, Richard Cadena, Technical Editor for Lighting&Sound America, Protocol and Lighting&Sound International, will give an update on the developments in Remote Device Management and explain how it can make your job easier, quicker and safer. Now, instead of spending your day on a ladder, you can manage your lighting devices remotely from the ground. In this session you will learn how to make RDM work for you today and learn what manufacturers are planning for the equipment of tomorrow.

IATSE and What We Do for You, presented by Brian Lawlor and Mark Kiracofe of IATSE International, explains what the IATSE is (and isn't). A panel of representatives from area locals will be on hand to give a brief overview of their specific locals, what crafts they represent and where they work. This is also an opportunity to ask questions about membership processes, fees, and the benefits of belonging.

Visitors can book their place at these sessions now on the PLASA Focus: Austin website; Additions to the program will be announced in the coming weeks. With over 50 exhibitors, two days of free education and free refreshments, there's no better place to be this September. Free visitor registration is open now at

Notes to Editors:

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PLASA also runs successful media and events divisions and is responsible for the industry-leading magazines Lighting&Sound International, Lighting&Sound America and Protocol and the PLASA Show in London, together with the European and North American regional PLASA Focus events.