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PLASA's bid to become the industry Band Manager

In late 2006, Ofcom (the UK's communications regulator) published the Digital Dividend Review in which it laid out its plans for clearing out a large number of radio frequencies and auctioning them to the highest bidder.

It quickly became clear that the auction would have disastrous consequences for the production and events industries as they would not be able to compete with other, much richer sectors in an open auction. As a consequence, the industry would find itself 'evicted' from the radio frequencies so essential to the delivery of live events, theatre, newsgathering and film & TV production across the UK.

Thanks to a lengthy and intense lobbying campaign conducted by PLASA and BEIRG (British Entertainment Industry Radio Group), Ofcom came to recognize the serious impact of their decision and granted special exemptions to the PMSE (Programme Making and Special Events) sector, subsequently announcing their intention to appoint a new PMSE-aligned Band Manager by means of a 'beauty contest.'

Whilst the ongoing campaign has achieved some short-term protection for the sector, it has by no means secured its long-term future and so PLASA has put forward its name to be the industry Band Manager in order to safeguard the interests of all those who work in the industry.

Ofcom had been due to make the appointment in the spring of 2010, but has now deferred any decisions until after London2012.

PLASA will continue to actively promote the industry's interests and be pro-active in the bid process.

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