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EU proposed Eco-Design Working Plan 2016-2019

The latest update

Productive meeting held at EU Commission Brussels on proposed Eco-Design lighting regulation

A group of professionals from across member organisational 1, manufacturers and designers in the live entertainment industry had a very productive meeting in Brussels on 17 May on the issue of Stage Lighting with the European Commission.

As a result, we have agreed to channel our work into seeking to draft a specific, technically based, exemption for lighting uses in the Stage and Entertainment Industries in the new proposed Eco Regulations planned for 2020. This work needs to happen quickly with our collective comments being channelled through Pearle 2 to the European Commission in advance of the next draft of the regulations due in late June.

1 The meeting was between representatives of the EU's Energy & Culture departments, and Pearle representing its members in all EU states including SOLT/UK Theatre, the trade associations PLASA, VLPT and OETHG, the ALD, IALD and the Association of Swedish Lighting Designers.

2 PEARLE*-Live Performance Europe is the European federation based in Brussels representing its members in the field of music, theatre and other performing arts or live entertainment to the European Institutions.

About the proposals

The EU's proposed Eco-Design Working Plan 2016-2019 will require ALL stage lighting to meet new efficiency targets in line with domestic and office lighting, from the very latest LED lighting fixtures to specialist tungsten bulbs, both of which make up the majority of entertainment lighting rigs. At present there are three sets of lighting regulations for lighting products but the proposed changes would streamline them into one regulation with no exceptions.

Following an initial belief that the main effect of the proposals would be outlawing tungsten light sources, it has become clear that the new regulations will have an effect dramatically wider than just banning tungsten: they will affect just about every lighting fixture used for entertainment lighting, tungsten, arc and LED.

The new regulations are intended to start from 1 September 2020 and if implemented as written, would dramatically impact all areas of entertainment lighting and those who work in this field - including lighting manufacturers, distributors, rental companies, installers and lighting users.

PLASA, alongside many other trade bodies, is campaigning for an exemption from the proposed legislations. You can read the joint statement signed by trade associations here.

Read the facts

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