Signpost to Health & Safety Guidance

Browse most of the known Health & Safety documents produced by the industry and the Government with relation to a return to work in the Covid-19 period. The page will be updated as new documentation is published.

Please note: PLASA is not responsible for any of the documentation or links presented here. They are presented without warranty and compliance with it does not of itself confer immunity from any legal obligations. Any recommendations reflect the conclusions of PLASA only and have no legal precedent. The reader remains free to take other action.

The documents have been sourced from government departments, bodies such as the HSE, IOSH and the WHO, and industry organisations such as the Events Industry Forum, BECTU and the BBC.

Below we have listed the documents under various categories, from offices and retail to production and manufacturing as well as risk assessment and general health & safety. More are set to be published and we will update this area as and when it is.

If you are aware of any further Health & Safety guidance documents, please email us at

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