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Ecodesign updates

Further exemptions for the live performance, lighting design and film sector guarantee that vast majority of stage and studio lighting can continue to be used.

On 17 December 2018, Member States voted on the Commission proposal to revise Ecodesign regulations for lighting products also called “Single Lighting Regulation”.

The European Entertainment Ecodesign Coalition (a European-wide group of associations working in the entertainment, lighting design, live performance and film/TV sectors) welcomes the outcome of the Member State vote as our remaining concerns regarding stage and studio lighting were addressed by the expert group.

Because our sectors aim at providing the best quality and experiences for lighting design customers, audiences of live events and film spectators, the Coalition had introduced a number of amendments covering essential requirements for our businesses.

The European Commission had introduced a first technical exemption for the sector in July 2018, allowing around 80% of specific lamp types used in the live performance and film sector to be exempted from Ecodesign requirements:

After exchanging views and sharing some technical information with EU Member State experts, the text was revised a second time to include the following points:

  • Stand-by power: Clarification to exempt networks used on stage from requirements on stand-by power
  • White Light Sources for specific needs
  • Colour tuneable light sources: Extension of the wave-length of Green
  • The list of lamp bases: Additional sockets will benefit from an exemption

The mean reason for the above mentioned demands is the lack of replacement available on the market for technical equipment being used today, namely for certain special purpose lights used on stage. With the additional exemptions voted in December 2018, the vast majority of light sources needed on stage, in specialised lighting design as well as in film studios can continue to be used.

The European Commission will publish a consolidated version of the text at the end of January 2019. The vote in European Parliament (scrutiny procedure) is scheduled for March 2019. The Revised Ecodesign rules will be applicable to Member States as of September 2021.