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Potential fire risk with Procell batteries

Recently, a PLASA member brought to our attention a potential fire risk with Procell Constant batteries.

Read more about the fire risk here.

This week, the parent brand Duracell provided the following response:

Duracell has been made aware of one incident of shorting and overheating on our Procell® Constant AAA Batteries in a device from Artistic Licence. We take any incidents very seriously, and we are now working directly with Wayne at Artistic Licence and Plasa to understand the exact reasons behind this occurrence.

The Procell® brand belongs to the Duracell group, we produce high quality batteries that are distributed worldwide, and the production of each battery cell always follows a very thorough manufacturing process.

We are currently conducting the necessary investigations on the batteries and devices and will update Plasa members on the outcome of the tests as soon as possible, within the next 30 days.

View the PDF statement here.