PLASA Members’ Area

Watch our member-only webinars

We’re pleased to deliver webinars on HR and Economy, exclusively for PLASA members. In the HR Webinar, Nicky Gleadow, owner of The HR Point, discusses how the flexible furlough scheme will work, what further support is available for the self-employed, and how employers can manage their workforce. In the Economic Outlook Webinar, renowned economist Roger Martin-Fagg details the current impact of Covid-19 and predicts possible pathways to recovery.

Points covered in the HR webinar include:

  • Furlough leave will become ‘flexible’ from 1st July, allowing furloughed workers to return part-time.
  • The flexible furlough scheme is only open to workers furloughed since 10th June at the latest.
  • Further grants for the self-employed will soon be available, covering 70% average profits.
  • Employers are encouraged to start planning now for redundancies and reinstating employees.

Points covered in the Economic Outlook webinar include:

  • A V shaped recovery from July onwards, with theatres opening for Christmas.
  • The unlikely scenario of a recession due to the public’s appetite to spend.
  • A risk of inflation next year with a ‘significant inflationary gap’.
  • Advice to businesses to spend and invest to get the economy going again.
  • The re-assessment of social distancing and how it may phase out.
  • The EU Commission envisages a strong recovery after a tough 2020.