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PLASA launches #WeMakeEvents to support the industry

PLASA has launched #WeMakeEvents, a new campaign with the aim of amplifying the industry’s voice and gaining meaningful Government support. Central to the campaign is a video highlighting the vital role of supply chain companies along with the freelance community and the devastating impact of the pandemic upon the live events sector. 

PLASA is calling for people from across the industry to share the video across social media to give much needed exposure to the supply chain to events including production and rental companies, manufacturers and freelancers, to raise awareness of the need for longer term financial support.

In addition to sharing the video, PLASA has published two infographics illustrating the complexity of the live events supply chain and the typical arena show – which requires an average of 443 professionals spanning design, planning, preparation, warehousing, and venue staff. The graphics also show how valuable the sector is, collectively delivering £100 billion to the UK economy.

PLASA also encourages everyone to add their name to the campaign, and to send a letter to their local MP using the customisable letter samples which were created by a collective of PLASA, ABTT, PSA, SOLT and UK Theatre.

PLASA’s Managing Director Peter Heath comments: “We all know that the events industry has been devastated due to Covid-19, and we expect that the road to recovery will be a long one. PLASA is part of an incredibly robust community and it’s times like this we have seen us all working together. Through this campaign we are trying to boost awareness of the massively diverse and talented supply chain, in order to get the financial support and recognition needed.  We really need everyone to get involved and share our new campaign and video with all those you know.”

Thank you to everyone who took the time share the post, if you are yet to please use these links to share the video on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram and YouTube.

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